20 single

amino acids


 ball-and-stick molecular and crystal models

The approximate scale is 1 cm for 0.6 whilst the radius of the spheres is smaller than the rod lengths, in order to provide a clearer view of the atoms and bonds throughout the model. The CPK coloring scheme is here followed.


glycine (gly)


alanine (ala)


valine (val)


leucine (leu)


isoleucine (ile)


serine (ser)


threonine (thr)


aspartic acid (asp)


asparagine (asn)


glutamic acid (glu)


glutamine (gln)
lysine (lys)


histidine (his)


arginine (arg)


phenylalanine (phe)


tyrosine (tyr)


tryptophan (trp)


cysteine (cys)


methionine (met)


proline (pro)